05 May 2008

Vote for Broke-Ass!!

Wanna make me smile like this?   Then go vote for me as “Best Writer” in the SF Weekly’s “Best of SF” issue.  It’s really easy, just follow this link: and vote! If you’d like some more suggestions as to who else deserves your vote, just email me and

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25 Apr 2008

Come hang with me at the Mission Indie Mart on Sunday 4/27!!

Sunday April 27th, 2008: Anniversary Indie Mart & Afterparty/ Show featuring The Greening, Steve Taylor & more’ Rock, shop & drink this Sunday’the monthly party that rocks the Mission the last Sunday of every month is back for more! Bringing you over 45 of the best in local designers, vintage,

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10 Mar 2008

Broke-Ass Stuart interview on

Published below is an interview with Broke-Ass Stuart, author of the highly acclaimed Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco, who now has New York in his broke-ass cross-hairs with a 350+ page Guide to Living Cheaply in New York City.  I contacted him to ask him about the book and

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02 Mar 2008

Hot tubbin’ indeed

my man, Ashkon brings it…

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11 Feb 2008

Be my friend…or even my fan

  Are you on myspace?  How about facebook?  If so let’s chill electronically.  Add me as your myspace friend so that you can stay SUPER updated with all things Broke-Ass.  I’m a myspace junkie  Here is the link:  Also I’ve started a fan page on facebook.  I’m not really quite

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02 Feb 2008

I met an Asian cowboy in New York City

I was out doing research in Tribeca a couple days ago when I went into a store called Western Spirit ( I had wandered in here a couple times before simply amazed at the randomness of finding a store in Lower Manhattan that sold shit like cowboy boots, replica Winchester

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29 Jan 2008

the internet is amazing

  Yes yes, we all love the internet for many reasons: porn, myspace, porn, google maps, porn, porn…the list is endless really.  But just the other day I got good news from the old internet.  A recent article published in Time Magazine, which I saw on, detailed a new

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