04 May 2009

“Hell On Wheels”: Free Roller Derby Documentary in Park Slope

Roller derby is like a petroleum-free Nascar race held in Punta Del Este: the crowd is there to see wrecks and girls.   Here is a blurb from the film’s website: “Hell on Wheels is the ass kicking documentary film telling the story of a group of Texas women who

03 May 2009

Academy of Sciences FREE to Mission and Bernal Folks

Assuming your case of Sunday morning palsy isn’t too bad, you’re probably looking for something to do today that doesn’t involve being rained on or watching whatever awful movie is on Comedy Central.  If you live in the Mission or Bernal Heights, I have just the thing for you: go

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
03 May 2009

Broke-Ass Haiku: Zeitgeist

So we at Broke Ass HQ, like many of you, often spend time shooting the shit and coming up with new ideas to make you laugh, cry, save money and live your life. The haiku, a Japanese form of poetry, is a beautiful and simplistic way to show your affection

Monica Miller - The Intern 3
02 May 2009

Milk the Snapple Cow: FREE Pizza and Snapple Monday – Friday

I love it when companies promote their products by giving them away for free; even better if they partner with other companies that produce a complimentary product.  Yea, like you’re going to win MY brand loyalty.  I haven’t had a Snapple in ages, but I will this week, before returning

02 May 2009

Fags! Bums! Independent Film! — SFSU Human Rights International Film Fest

I can’t keep up with the International Film Fest this year. There are so many great films that deserve my money, but I probably only have enough money to spare on one. I was pretty sad until I actually found out that my friend is throwing his own Human Rights

Monica Miller - The Intern 0
02 May 2009

Look ma I’m on TV!

Ever wonder what kind of nonsense bubbles out of my mouth when asked a series of questions?  Wonder no longer!  Below is part 1 and 2 of an interview I did on Christina Marie TV, a local SF show.  Enjoy and feel free to leave snarky comments below.  It’s what

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 2
02 May 2009

May Day Bock Party: FREE Beer and Humans Dressed as Animals

If you’ve chosen a secular holiday that celebrates the accomplishments of the labour movement over Derby debauchery, you are a better person than I, and should thusly be rewarded with free drink and board. For that, check out Brouwerij Lane in Brooklyn.  There won’t be any horse, but some people


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