20 Feb 2009

Broke-Ass Stuart interview in SF State paper

    Check out this interview. It just came out yesterday.

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16 Jan 2009

Broke-Ass Stuart Interview on Gothamist

I was lucky enough to be interviewed on Gothamist recently.  This is pretty huge considering that they get something like 4.5 million hits a month, which is a lot of frigging hits.  I’m not gonna put the whole interview up here right now, but please click here and read the

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26 Nov 2008

Broke-Ass Stuart interview in the NY Press!

        The super cool Julia Wertz, creator of Fart Party, interviewed me for this article.  If you’re in New York, grab a copy of NY Press and check out your boy on page 26.  Other wise just go here:   NY Press Article  

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07 Aug 2008

A new Broke-Ass Stuart interview!!!

Here’s the link if you feel like reading it.  stuart

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03 Jun 2008

New Broke-Ass Stuart interview on

Hey all. Check out new interview. She calls me the “pimp daddy of budget travel”. Do you think I can put that on my business card?

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29 May 2008

Broke-Ass Stuart voted best writer in SF!!!

Hey everyone. I just got the news that I got voted best writer in San Francisco in the SF Weekly’s reader’s poll. I just wanna say thanks to everyone for voting! You rock! -Stuart

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10 Mar 2008

Broke-Ass Stuart interview on

Published below is an interview with Broke-Ass Stuart, author of the highly acclaimed Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in San Francisco, who now has New York in his broke-ass cross-hairs with a 350+ page Guide to Living Cheaply in New York City.  I contacted him to ask him about the book and

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