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Come out and support gay marriage




Instead of just ruining your body with booze or amping up your level of self absorption by sitting on Facebook for hours, do something that’s actually good for the world today.  Come out and support the overturning of Prop 8, the insidious bill that made gay marriage illegal.  


The organizers are trying to get 100,000 to come out and support the overturning of this bullshit.  So if you’re in or near San Francisco, come out tonight for a candlelit vigil and march from Market & Castro to the Civic Center.  Then tomorrow, rally on the steps of City Hall.  The dress code is: wear white.


If you’re can’t be here, you can always show your support and solidarity by wearing white tomorrow.


If you don’t believe in equal rights for all citizens, and oppose gay marriage, FUCK YOU and stop coming to this site.


If you really can’t be away from booze and facebook for that long, bring a flask and your laptop.  I’m pretty sure there is free wi-fi in the Civic Center plaza.

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