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FREE Manicure and Martini

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This one comes directly from  While this is probably open to anyone who just wants a mani and a ‘tini (creeping Jesus!  Did I really just write “mani” and “tini”?), it’s especially targeted for those of you out there who are trying to preggers but can’t seem to do it.  


The America Fertility Association is sponsoring this event and there will be a fertility doctor there doing a Q&A session for anyone who needs it.  Make sure to call Vivian Rodriguez at 646-861-3226 and RSVP to hold your spot.  You can also email her at  


Does anyone else find it ironic that many women spend most of their adult lives trying not to have a baby, and then when they finally want one, it proves difficult to have?  If I find out I’m sterile, once I start trying to have kids, I’m gonna write to Lifestyles and ask for a refund.    


Nova Nail Spa

811 Mission St. @ 4th St.

FREE Martini and Manicure

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