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WTF! People Still Read Books?

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This picture doesn't even really make sense but HOLY FUCK is that George Washington?

Here is a FREE event for all of you Literati Gangsters out there. And it happens monthly. So feel free to sport your Literati colors and do this, well, every month.


Thursday marks the monthly Babble-On literary reading at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco, where you might hear hilarious poets talk about things like bathtubs and vaginas. Or maybe you’ll hear advance excerpts from novels not yet released but already written by people who share the stage with hilarious poets who talk about things like bathtubs and vaginas. This month’s reading includes Joshua Mohr, Samara Halperin and Kevin Hobson, who I’m told contributes to this fancy website.

The best part about the Babble On series is that you get FREE cookies and FREE wine. The cookies are Newman-O’s, and they come in different flavors, not just only the chocolate ones, so I’m not sure if technically they’re still Newman-O’s at that point, but who the fuck cares because they’re FREE.

In the spirit of literature, I plagiarized the below bios. This month’s readers:

JM: Joshua Mohr is the author of the novels “Some Things that Meant the World to Me” and “Termite Parade,” which is due out June 2010. He lives across the street [from Dog Eared Books].

KH: Kevin Hobson writes fiction, essays, songs and industrial copy about chocolate. His work has appeared in several journals, most recently Instant City magazine. He is also a regular contributor to and the co-curator of BANG OUT Reading Series. Kevin lives in S.F.’s Mission District, where he nurses his chronic addictions to burritos and internet television.

SH: Samara Halperin is a filmmaker and writer whose short films/videos have been making audiences laugh, cry and scream, in screenings from Australia to Saskatchewan, since 1989. Samara is from New York City and lives in Oakland, CA where she makes movies and teaches film and video making at Mills College. Samara is currently working on “Times Square Tumbleweed,” the sequel to her award winning film, “Tumbleweed Town.” Samara’s work has been featured on LOGO Television’s “The Click List, Best In Short Film.”

Dog Eared Books
900 Valencia Street [The Mission]
8pm, Thursday September 23

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