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You + Sewing Machine = $$$

It’s no secret we love Workshop around here, because who doesn’t love learning how to decorate your $10 IKEA side table with old MUNI transfers or watching girls participating in Aerobics set to a Def Leppard soundtrack? Up until now most of the classes have been “For Newbies”, intro-level kind of DIY projects – which is great for those of us that can’t handle a needle and thread as well as we can handle our liquor. But now that the shop is coming up on their one-year anniversary (sometime this summer), we’ve moved on to the second semester, and that means more advanced classes! The 102-Level even!

So for those of you who are already handy with the crafts or the screenprinting or the sewing, but not so much with the business you might want to check out Indie Biz 101 and 102. The former covers “branding, marketing, e-commerce (etsy, ebay & websites), doing the design show circuit, displays, and merchandising” and promises you’ll leave with a bunch of resources to go out and there and make it on your own, you little Indie-preneur, you!

And once you’ve got the basics set up and you’re ready to take on that big, cuddly craft fair on the Internet, you’ll want to sign up for Indie Biz 102: How to Get Started on Etsy where “independent toy designer and small business consultant” (read: she’s pretty good at this) Lauren Venell will show you the ropes on setup, marketing and most importantly: getting paid.

Indie Biz 101 is a mere $25 and 102 will cost you $38, but that’s at least 10 times less than taking out a small business loan.

1798 McAllister at Baker [Western Addition/Panhandle]
Indie Biz 101: 7pm – 9:30pm Wed, April 28th
Indie Biz 102: 7pm – 10pm Thurs, April 22nd

Check the classes page for other classes, details and to sign up.

Photo from Workshop’s Blog.

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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