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FREE Sonic Youth and Kurt Cobain Rock-umentary Screenings

Kind of like Spinal Tap

I’ve never heard of the Oakland Underground Film Festival before today, but I guess that’s kind of the point, right? With the SF International Film Festival keeping all the local movie critics busy right now, it’s easy to overlook our friends in the East Bay. But tomorrow night the Pavilion Theater in Jack London Square will bring the noise with screenings of Sleeping Nights Awake and About a Son. The former is a “cinematic all-access pass” to a Sonic Youth tour, while the latter is “a moving meditation” Kurt Cobain that’s culled from over 25 hours of unreleased interviews conducted with Nirvana’s frontman.

And of course the best part is both screenings are free and local band Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars will kick out the jams an hour before the first screening so you can rock out while you find seats and buy popcorn and such.

Major Music: Sonic Youth & Kurt Cobain
Oakland Underground Film Festival
FREE Screenings & Live Music
Friday, April 30th
7pm: Live Music from Jesse Morris and the Man Cougars
8pm: Sonic Youth: Sleeping Nights Awake screening.
9:30pm: About a Son screening.
Pavilion Theater
98 Broadway Ave, Jack London Square [Oakland]

Full Details on the Oakland Underground Film Festival Site. Hat tip to our ol’ pal Johnny Funcheap.

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