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Time Travel to the Year 2000: FREE Lifehouse Concert in Golden Gate Park

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Didn't that guy have anorexia or something?

Remember how great everything was in the year 2000? Back when we were all 10 years younger than we are now and we thought “Hanging By A Moment” was just a really great song, and that Lifehouse was definitely going to be the next Oasis? Remember back before all the big fancy producers decided it’d be a good idea for all the pop stars to be exactly the same age as their tweeny-bopper fans?

Well that era has obviously long since passed, but now that you’re all grown up and definitely over your creepy Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus obsessions (I hope), you can relive the glory days of buying edited CDs from Wal-Mart at Alice 97.3’s FREE Summerthing concert in Golden Gate Park this Sunday. The lineup isn’t much better than every free concert the student union at my public university ever put on, but it does boast the aforementioned “veteran alt-rock band” Lifehouse, as well as American Idol winner Kris Allen (whoever that is) and a “shoegazer pop band from the U.K.” called One EskimO. Alright! Rock on! Just try not to scare off the kids when you’re wailing along to “Hanging by a Moment” after polishing off a couple tallboys.

Alice’s Summerthing Concert 2010
Sunday, June 27, 2010
Noon to 4pm
Speedway Meadow [Golden Gate Park]

Hat tip to our friend JohnnyFuncheap, as usual. Image via:

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