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Tonight! Let's Watch "Inside Job" and Then Riot

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We weren’t born into the broke-ass caste; the wealthy jerk class forced us into lives of penny-pinching and PBR. But you don’t have to take my word for it: Go see Charles Ferguson‘s Inside Job tonight at the Red Vic Movie House.

This two-hour documentary by the older Brian Boitano lookalike who brought you No End in Sight presents what we already guessed about 2008’s global financial crisis: The richies did it! More specifically, research and interviews with the likes of Eliot Spitzer help explain the rise of the unregulated subprime mortgage (not to be confused with the Optimus Prime mortgage) and the ever-increasing rewards for investment banker risk. A bunch of Scrooge McDucks trying to out-balls each other cost this nation alone more than $20 trillion and millions of homes and jobs. Worse yet, we have to listen to Matt Damon narrate this unemployment bukkake. Have-nots without trust funds and 401(k) accounts will likely leave red-eyed and ready to punch the next suit strolling by on the sidewalk.

The good news is you can watch this grave injustice unfold while snuggling with your sweetie (or your friends if you and they are into that) on the movie collective’s “signature couches,” snacking out of wooden bowls, and thanking your personal deity for the Red Vic’s no-kids policy. All this plus the joy of supporting a collective-owned and volunteer-operated organization will only cost you nine bones. N.B. Red Vic never shows anything in 3D.

Inside Job at the Red Vic Movie House 1727 Haight St. at Cole St. [Haight-Ashbury] Monday, February 21, 7pm and 9:30pm $9 adults/$6 seniors
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Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

Sarah M. Smart - Red-Light Special

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