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Comida Corrida at Mission Favorite La Oaxaqueña

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Now that the city is beginning to see an influx of high end restaurants introducing San Franciscans to concept of Mexican food being a little bit more beyond tacos and that divinely corpulent prince of Mexico’s most northern territories, the burrito, it’s not as hard to find things like sopes, huaraches, squash blossoms, huitlacoche and the like. Unfortunately, although the quality of these local eateries can be pretty good, they can also cost ten times more than you would ever pay for said item in DF or Guadalajara.

La Oaxaqueña is awesome for many reasons. It’s super delicious and cheap as we have documented here before and has long been providing a little bit above and beyond the Mission Street staples for a while now, from their barbacoa on the weekends to their massive tlayudas (no more chapulines, though.) All this while managing to keep a clean and cozy shop on the Mission’s own personal take on the set from Little Shop of Horrors.

One more reason to drop in now is their slightly scaled down version of another Mexican institution: the comida corrida.

They now have a five dollar lunch menu which is probably what a glass of tamarindo might set you back at Nopalito. It features not only the usual suspects like tacos (al pastor is super good) and pupusas but also those delicious sopes,  huaraches,sweet tamal/ chocolate combos, etc. Most plates come with rice and beans and you get an agua fresca included. Knowing them you’ll also end up getting a small cup of champurrado at some point or they’ll just casually come by and see if you wanted to taste whatever mole they just made in the back.

La Oaxaqueña 2128 Mission Street (btw 17th and Sycamore) [Inner Mission] SF 415.621.5446 a

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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