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FREE! Three Twins Ice Cream

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So, you may think I’m lame, but (for now) I refuse to get a super-duper cool smartphone. People are always left with huge cartoon question-mark-eyes when I tell them that. I really just want to remain some sane human interaction with people– you know, an actual human relationship, rather than some sort of virtual exchange that causes everyone’s eyes to be DRAWN towards their phones. It’s upsetting when having a virtual world in the palm of you hand takes away from interacting with others in real life. Don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about. Yup, that friend who is constantly on his phone and disappears into his trillion bizarre phone apps.  Uh, Yeah- Hi, I’m here, trying to talk to you… … ??

In spite of my bitter feelings towards what the smart phone has been doing to real human interactions, …. don’t tell anyone, but I reaaaallly really wish I had one right about now. Three Twins Ice Cream- ever had it? Well, unless you’re a lame-o like me and don’t own one, take your smartphone over to the Lower Haight tomorrow and taste some of their deliciously creamy (and organic!) ice cream for the broke-ass price- FREE! Yup, try some delicious Milk Coffee or my personal favorite Mint Confetti. Receive a FREE small ice cream cone by showing this delicious ice creamery that you have the Scoutmobb app on your phone.

What makes this even more awesome is that 33 cents of every cone will be donated to either Friends of the Urban Forest or the SF Bike Coalition. So if you’re broke from spending all your money on that damn phone, but are craving something delicious, hop on over to Fillmore Street and make a difference locally!

Oh, and for the record….I would love a smartphone. It’s just sadly not in my price range. You know, it’s that broke-ass thing…

FREE Three Twins Ice Cream Cone
254 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, September 14
Requirements: Show Scoutmobb app on smartphone
Incentive: Local donations made with participation

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Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse - The Penny Pincher

Paulette Greenhouse is a journalist and graphic designer, obsessed with her beloved pet hedgehog, Lisa Pickles. Seriously, she can talk about that prickly little princess for days! Paulette enjoys fashion, music, and art (cool points are gained if DIY). Although she tells outsiders that she lives in San Francisco, Paulette actually lives in nearby Pacifica because she can't afford to be that cool. The truth is she hates money and believes that it is source of many major problems in the world. But since society has made money so damn important for adequate survival, she slaves away at a lame local corporate restaurant, receiving crappy tips from people even cheaper than she is. (damn!) But above all, Paulette believes in giving exact change– it's a way of life!

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