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Ultimate Everything Bagel at House of Bagels

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I love me a good bagel, and if I could get myself up early enough I would probably get one from House of Bagels every single day.  The place makes a pretty bold statement with a colorful mural adorning the storefront, with a painting like that you better be able to back it up with baked goods or word will spread quickly.  Fortunately for me and everyone else living in The Richmond, House of Bagels delivers the goods.
With 25 different bagel varieties to choose from and nine different flavors of shmear your breakfast decision can get complicated in a hurry.  This is where the folks at House of Bagels take care of you by assuring there will almost definitely be a line out the door, and during that wait you will have time to sort out the various bagel/shmear combos running through your brain.  I keep it simple and go for the Everything bagel which probably has something to do with my inability to commit (too much?).
House of Bagels also has an impressive display of baked sweets hiding conveniently in a glass case right next to the register.  The temptation will be strong, in fact almost overwhelming, actually I’m in no place to tell anyone not to eat these bad boys because they are delicious and you’re life… in fact the world will be better off if you give in and grab a brownie or tart to go along with your bagel.

House of Bagels
5030 Geary Blvd
(between 14th Ave & 15th Ave)
San Francisco, CA
[Outer Richmond]

Photo Credit: Yelper Danster L.

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