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The Live Local Card: Support Local Business While Getting Discounts

Have you heard about the Live Local Mission card yet?  It’s pretty fucking badass and probably the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite Missionite.  Basically it’s a card that allows you to get awesome discounts at local businesses in the Mission.  And the businesses range everywhere from a Tae Kwon Do gym to bars to cooking classes.

I remember in high school we had a similar card and one of the deals was four FREE tokens at the local arcade.  Fuck man, we were there everyday after school and I still never got any better at Street Fighter 2.  But I digress…

If carrying around a plastic card seems ungainly and bad for the environment, the Live Local folks got your solution: an iPhone app!  The app is actually FREE to download and gives you access to a map and list of participating Live Local businesses.  Then if you wanna get the discounts you just have to buy a code.  Therefore you’re being thrifty and eco-conscious.  Good on you!

You can learn more and purchase the card or app here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like to cop the card or the app please do so directly after clicking one of the links on this page.  That way gets a little taste of revenue thus helping keep the site running.  Keeping this site up is expensive yo!

Enjoy your discounts!

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