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My birthday is coming up (no, it’s not my 1/2 birthday as this photo would indicate) and people keep asking me what I want.  Apparently, I’m difficult to shop for – the problem is that all I want every year is for people whom I care about (and it’s a short list) to wish me a happy birthday, that’s it, period, and the end.  Fine, that’s not entirely true.  I don’t want them to wish me happy birthday through a text or an email.  I want them to tell me in person, or if that isn’t possible I want them to old-school it and pick up a phone to say “Happy Birthday”.  Is that so wrong?

But some people won’t accept “I don’t want anything for my birthday”.  Therefore I’ve been forced to think about what people can buy me for my birthday.  What does a Broke-Ass Mom want for her birthday?  I’m sure every mom is different, but what I’m looking for is pretty simple.  I want some time to away from my baby, and this has manifested itself into the following list:

  1. Year membership to a gym
  2. Fees to pay for the half marathon
  3. Dinner + Zipcar + Babysitting fees for a night out
  4. If #3 is too much, then just dinner + babysitting fees and I’ll walk to dinner.

That’s it.  Plain and simple, I want someone to pay for me to have a little baby-free time.  Training for the half marathon is probably the least baby-free of all of them.  If I choose, or someone else chooses for me, this option, then my child will have to train with me while riding in the stroller.

Not sure what will be chosen as my birthday present.  But if you know a Broke-Ass Mom out there, and you’re wondering what to get her, try giving her the “gift of time” as they say in the corporate world (or was that just my corporate world?).

Photo by: Hubby

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Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

Jennifer White - Mommy No Bucks

Jennifer has been a bit of a nomad having lived in seven different cities. Her life as a gypsy has settled down for the moment in San Francisco with her husband and two-year old son. Recently, she decided to throw caution to the wind, quit her job as an analyst to be a full-time mom while chasing her dreams (and the Pulitzer Prize). When she's not writing, she's aspiring to be a luddite (although blogging isn't helping), knitting the occasional hat, or running in the park with her son and his secondhand compost truck in tow.