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The Mattress Truck: Delivering High Quality Mattresses Your Door for only $160

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Let’s face facts, beds are an extremely important part of our lives. Sleep is something that none of us get enough of, and a great bed can make all the difference. I house sat during Burning Man this year and I felt like Goldilocks; I had found the perfect bed.

This bed was magnificent. I worked from it, watched TV in it and basically found a way to do everything in it – I knew I had it for a limited time. Then it occurred to me, that I was moving very soon and I needed to buy a new bed. So, again off like Goldilocks I went to find a bed, but not just any bed, a bed on a budget.

When you don’t drive, like a good portion of San Francisco’s residents, you always have to include price of delivery. I started with IKEA, Macy’s and anywhere that was having a sale. In all truth, IKEA definitely had some very good deals, but once you factored in the cost of shipping/delivery…not so much. As I began to look at how much it would cost to rent a truck for the day to get it myself, I got a call from a friend of mine about a bed service. She began by explaining that she felt the company was legit and about the service they offered:

– you call them and tell them what size bed you want
– a man in a truck pulls up to your place
– they bring you a few options and you can lay in each bed to decide on the one you want
– if you want the beds, great!
– if you do not, then they pack up and leave at no charge

As she was saying this to me, I said to myself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”.

I found out the name of the company is, The Mattress Truck.

Now, there is one thing I forgot to mention about my bed requirements; my new apartment has a loft. This bed had to be inexpensive, no bigger than a standard queen size and no excessive ‘pillow top’ feature. I phoned them and a man answered, I told him I needed a Full Size bed. He said they had two options, but either one I chose with delivery would come to $160. I asked him to repeat that, so I could make sure I heard it correctly and I indeed had. Not only was it $160 total, but they accepted cash or paypal. Are you fucking kidding me? It was 4:30 p.m. on a Friday when i placed my order, and he told me my bed would arrive at 9:00 a.m., the following day. I kept blinking repeatedly, because I was truly shocked. I began to speculate on the conditions of the bed, or where these beds came from. Did the beds from the Mattress Truck, fall off another truck? You never know, but with that kind of bargain, I am going to have to say I really didn’t care.

Off to sleep I went that night, before my new bed arrived. At 8:50 a.m., I saw the big white truck pull up in front of my building and I knew my bed was here. I walked to the lobby to open the door and a friendly delivery driver greeted me and said: “You the girl who ordered the bed?” Yes, that would be me I told him. He opened the back of the truck and pulled out a full size mattress and into my apartment we went. When we went into my bedroom, he was going to have to put that mattress up into my loft, in order for me to test it out. He did so cheerfully, I laid on it and I was immediately happy. Not only did it fit perfectly, it had the right amount of bounce that I require. I told the man he had himself a deal, and then I walked to my laptop and I pay pal’ed them. Once the arrow went green, he was ready to leave. Before he did, though, I got a few of his cards because I was so happy with the service. I told him I was a journalist and asked if he minded that I write about this experience, he told me he would ask the powers that be. Then I asked him if the beds fell off a truck and he laughed, telling me, “…absolutely not”. I thanked him again and he left. Once he was gone, I went up to the loft to tear off the plastic and make my brand new bed. I suddenly noticed that I needed to flip the bed over, due to the plastic on the mattress, neither of us realized one side needed to be on top.

I ran down my ladder and picked up my phone, I called the man who had just been at my house and asked if he could return, much to my surprise he did. The Mattress Truck gent returned, flipped my mattress over, he took all the plastic for me and said I could write whatever I liked.

Now, it wasn’t the dream bed, I slept in for a week. But, for those of us, who need to sleep and can’t pay thousands for the privilege, I have slept better in this bed than most, because of how simple and affordable the whole experience was. So, if you don’t drive or even if you do, and you need a bed call The Mattress Truck and that big white truck will show up in front of your house quickly, ready to help you have sweet dreams.

*Note: I purchased the high quality mattress without the box spring. for both pieces, it is still incredibly affordable, delivered and set up for only $160.00

This post was written by guest contributor Vanessa L. Pinto. She’s a sex-positive writer in San Francisco. She writes for the Huffington Post, SF Weekly and fast, feminine, feminist Whore! magazine. Her  platform is sex-positivity and trying to erase all the shame that comes with sex. Every year, she puts on a sexy circus, which puts our sex-positive community in display. I hope you enjoy the ride. Vanessa has a B.A. in political science, with a concentration in pre-law, from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

photo from yelp

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