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A FREE Wisdom of Rain Reading and a Jim Carroll poem

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Yeah. It’s been raining all week. I’m cold and wet too.

But the truth is, I’m a brooding writer who loves rainy days and the fog and cold that comes with them. It makes time for semi-hibernations and writing days. Picture me with cold coffee, pensively staring out at the fogged-over SF skyline.

In gratitude to the rain, this week I’m bringing you a reading and a poem, both little bits of beauty brought to you by the rain. And thanks to Cosmic Smudge for the awesome photo.

The Wisdom of Rain

This book is part of a gritty legal mystery series set in San Francisco by local author The story involves something called the Vengence Legion, a radical lawyer, and a ruthless empire builder.

I dig that author Joe McCray’s website has honest reviews from people who aren’t book critics. Like Walt Norris, a retired union director, who says:

“…the two stories that comprise the book illuminate the difficulty of justice—what it means and how one gets it… Although this is a work of fiction, I can attest to similar incidents in which the author was involved and survived. The violence and threats of violence were always real and only occasionally redeeming.”

You can hear McCray do a FREE reading from the book at Original Joe’s in North Beach on Monday the 10th from 3:00-6:00. Kicking back with a glass of red wine on a rainy afternoon to hear a legal mystery read in a dark Italian restaurant? Sounds pretty sweet.

Jim Carroll on Rain

I love Jim Carroll‘s poetry, and whether you know this one yet or not, it’s one that gives you a new perspective on what the rain’s up to. Keep dancing, everyone.

Little Ode on St. Anne’s Day

You’re growing up
and rain sort of remains
on the branches of a tree
that will someday rule the earth.

and that’s good
that there’s rain
it clears the month
of your sorry rainbow expressions

and clears the streets
of the silent armies…

so we can dance

– Jim Carroll


FREE Reading from The Wisdom of Rain
Monday, December 10
3:00-6:00 pm
Original Joe’s


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