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5 FREE Christmas Gifts For People We Can’t Afford Gifts For…

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Lots of love but not so much cash. It happens.

But I still have amazing people in my life I want to give gifts to. Maybe you have this issue as well.

These are 5 gifts I’m giving to people who deserve something awesome this Christmas because not having cash doesn’t mean I don’t have love.

1. Write an Original Poem: I’m a writer so I do this one a lot. Sometimes I put it on a card or type it out on my typewriter, and I’ve read one out loud and sent it as a YouTube video before. Whatever the form, though, writing a poem for someone (even if it’s not to that person) is a pretty meaningful thing to do. And in my experience, most people have not had a poem as a gift, so it can be awesome and unique. (Note: If you’re more of an artist or a singer, the same principles apply to your craft)

2. Pass on a Book: If you’re like me you’ve got a huge bookcase overflowing into snowbank-like piles in your room. Throughout the year I pass on a few of them to people when the right moment comes up. Christmas can be one of those moments. When I do it I write out the backstory of how I got the book, where I’ve traveled with it, what it meant to me or what I thought of it, and why I’m giving this specific book to this specific person.

3. Teach Someone Something: No matter what you know, you know some cool things that other people don’t. I teach people how to use social media, how to write, and how to bake. Maybe you know how to knit, or how to do a card trick, or how to grow a mustache. Teach that to someone as a gift.

4. Make a Playlist (Long Live the Mixtape): I do this on YouTube for people across the country from me by embedding the videos into a blog post. You can do it with pretty much any music service depending on what you like. Again, personalizing it makes it pretty cool. FREE to make, FREE to send.

5. Animated Gifs. This snowglobe containing two raindeer on a teeter-totter is for all of you. Now go spike that hot chocolate and get to work.

I’m off next week, but if you miss me, ytou can find 49 other ones from around California courtesy of the little elves at the LA Times.


Holiday tip: Always put more bourbon than egg nog in the glass.


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Scott James - Paperback Pundit

Scott James - Paperback Pundit

Author of Sidewalk Ritual, self-publishing teacher, lover of coffee and IPA.

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