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Golden Waffle: The True Muscles from Brussels

Updated: Feb 09, 2013 15:55
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You’re lucky enough to have found yourself wandering through the streets of Brussels. Sure, you’re alone, because you always travel alone. But, you’re too overstimulated by the Gothic architecture, the span of the Atomium, and the smell of Liege waffles. Except, that smell is so real, it’s snapped me out of my daydreaming and I found myself in a wet parking lot. Could it be? Oh yes, it be. I’ve found Belgian Liege waffles here in San Francisco.  golden waffle-2

Golden Waffle, and its Waffle Mobile, have found a place in my heart serving up waffles made of pearl sugar. A sugar that dissolves differently than the sugars we use in our homes, pearl sugar caramelizes inside of the dough when baked to create crunchy pockets of intense sweetness. Saying that, I should not have gotten the maple syrup on my waffle. Instead, opting for strawberries or just confectioner’s sugar.

What you’ll also notice straightaway is the dude serving up the waffles, Thierry, has an accent. Which is mostly always hot, unless it’s coming from Arnie. Secondly, the waffle is more of an irregular, organic, octagon-ish shape. Thirdly, the waffle has maximum crunch that can only be achieved from true cast-iron waffle irons. Lastly, the waffle has an indelible nutty and roasted flavor that has been single-handedly given by the pearl sugar.  And all for under $5.golden-waffle-waffle-mobile

Once I sat down with said waffle, I forgot I was even sitting on a plastic chair, starring at damp asphalt, on an algid winter’s day. I just kept thinking about Thierry’s craft, his efforts, his smiling face although no one was eating outdoors on this day, and my brief time spent in Brussels. When you’re roaming the city, don’t forget to look for the golden truck, with the waffle pattern, and the maroon top that sort of looks like it once was a short yellow school bus. Or, it’s counterpart fire engine red trailer.


Photos courtesy of: Golden Waffle


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