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Noisebridge DIY Hacker Party

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Have you been to Noisebridge?

It’s an amazing FREE hacker and DIY space in the Mission dedicated to the idea of helping and hosting people who want to be creative. They’ve been around for 5 years in a space that feels something like a cross between a woodshop and the Batcave. This weekend they are throwing a party, open to all, to celebrate 5 years and help raise money to keep going strong for another five.

I’ve been taking the frontend development class with Jeffrey Carl Faden and it’s been awesome. The vibe inside Noisebridge is always one of creativity, and there are typically people making something out of wood, people coding, people cooking, and people doing something I have no idea about with circuits and computers. I once saw someone toying with an astronaut helmet she had rigged up with a rainbow of lights that flashed to music. It was awesome.

But the core of what Noisebridge does is offer a hacker space for people who want to be creative for FREE. Here’s how they say it:

Noisebridge is a physical space open and welcoming to all, providing infrastructure and collaboration opportunities for anyone interested in programming, hardware, crafts, science, food, robotics, art, and technology. We teach, we learn, we share. With no leaders, we have one rule: “Be excellent to each other”.

The 5 year anniversary party is this Saturday, March 30 and will include the Noisejam Orchestra, made up of people who “build or code a homemade instrument of plastic or metal or wood or hardware or software,” the Genie and Audrey Dream show that includes “acrobatics, music, terrible jokes, and more!,” and a host of people who create amazing things set up with booths to share what they make and teach you how to do it.

They invite “Geeks, dorks, nerds, hipsters, punks, hippies, weirdos — Anyone and Everyone — all genders — all ages!” and I recommend checking it out.

2013 Noisebridge 5-Year Party & Benefit
Saturday, 30-March-2013
4pm to 11pm
2169 Mission St, 3rd floor (1.5 blocks from 16th St. Mission BART)
Gently Suggested $10 – 20 Donation

Image source: fidelramos via flickr

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