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Broke-Ass Dating: Tinder

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Tinder-logo-FREE-dating-appTinder entered my life one night through the magic of Google. I was sitting around with my friend Gabby and the question arose of whether there was a “Grindr for straight people.” Grindr allows “gay, bi and curious guys” to find one another using a real-time locator and then do what they will with each other. Living in a world where one doesn’t need to wonder, we simple entered “Grindr for straight people” into the search bar.

Tinder, whose app icon features a cute little bulb of flame, is a program that allows users to locate members of the opposite sex also using the app. The app is connected to the user’s facebook profile, which makes is far less sketchy, since there’s proof that the person is real and not some sketchy ghost whose only reason for being on the app is to increase his skull collection.

The process for selecting who you ‘like’ on Tinder is somewhat superficial, since the only information you receive about the other user is several facebook profile pics, as well as a list of interests and friends you have in common. You are shown one profile randomly at t a time, after which you can either ‘like’ them or dismiss them. If they have also ‘liked’ you, then, boy, you gotta match!

You start chatting, and what you do from there is your choice, though the site seems to have more in common with OkCupid than Adult Friend Finder. That being said, it’s not exactly a site one would go on if they were skittish about somewhat immediate sex.

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Roger Hannigan Gilson

Roger Hannigan Gilson

Roger figures his first memory dates from when he was about three, His mother had brought him along to one of her friends' houses. In the kitchen, Roger saw something that struck him as odd: his mother's friend opening the refrigerator to reveal water in a plastic gallon-jug!

"Why is there WATER in a MILK bottle?" little Roger inquired.

Oh, how the mothers laughed!

He recently moved to Oakland.

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