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L Condoms Gives a F#ck by Donating One Condom for Each One You Buy

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Condoms: the best/worst things ever. They’re awesome when it comes to the whole “not getting preggers/not getting STD’s” thing, but they can also make sexy time not feel as good as it could. That said, we’re incredibly lucky have easy access to those little sheaths of latex whenever we need them. A First World problem is “Man, they’re out of my favorite kind of condom.” Unfortunately, a Third World problem is “Man, they’re out of all condoms for the next two months!” That’s where L Condoms comes in, L gives a fuck…literally. They even use “L Gives a Fuck” as one of their campaigns.

What they do is both brilliant and good for the world. In a similar way that Tom’s Shoes gives a pair of kicks to a kid who needs them every time you buy a pair, L gives a condom to someone in Africa each time you buy one. It’s like they’re Tomdoms. I totally just made up a rad word. But seriously, you getting laid is now helping the world become a better place. Next time your partner is like, “Not tonight love, I’ve got a headache,” you can respond, “Us fucking is saving someone in Africa from getting HIV!” Best argument ever for having sex, right? That line is guaranteed* to work on your partner at least once.

Honestly, I could go on saying mildly entertaining things about getting laid all day, but that detracts from time spent where you’re actually getting laid. So here’s this, read more about how L is changing the world of sex and then cop yourself some condoms.

*Please know that Stuart’s guarantees aren’t worth shit.


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