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Frozen Kuhsterd: An Unorthodox Ice Cream

Updated: Oct 16, 2013 17:10
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Frozen Kuhsterd hadn’t been on my radar. It was only a few days after I had read about it, that it was coincidentally going to be down the street from my house. But, as a production baker who’d like to secretly open a quality dessert truck, i’ll almost always spend my money on (what I’d consider) exorbitant prices for things that literally cost pennies to make.

It was warm outside and Frozen Kuhsterd had one of the longest lines. But, because they’re mostly scoop and serve, the line moved quickly. Luckily the long line gave me plenty of time to decide between toppings like cinnamon toast cereal, cornflakes, condensed milk, sprinkles and chocolate syrup that are 0.50. But, one topping that you probably won’t see around is their burnt caramel, that is 0.75. On this day, I didn’t have to have an independent thought, because they already concocted something that sounded amazing. A Liege Waffle Bites Sundae, you choose the custard.

I was handed a glorious looking clear plastic cup of subtle-sweet and bitter Blue Bottle Coffee Custard, Liege Waffle pieces, Burnt Bacon Caramel and Candied Bac-o-bits. Again, in theory, adding a waffle into anything seems amazing, does it not? Dude, this sundae would have been solid if it didn’t have those gnarly waffle pieces. They were basically room temperature Styrofoam that got left at the bottom of our cup. That burnt caramel, not only genius but fucking amazing. And yes, we’re still doing this bacon thing folks, but who cares when it’s candied bac-o-bits on a sundae. Honestly, this was the one time I wasn’t complaining about seeing bacon again. This actually made sense to me. Baskin-Robbins should strongly consider using this as a topping. There in your hand, in regards to flavor and texture, you have a perfectly balanced dessert. Sweet, smoky, slightly bitter, gooey, crunchy, creamy, cakey (except the waffles were hard as nails).

However, I’m not sure it was worth the $7 it cost me. I guess I could convince myself that I’m paying the majority of that towards someone’s health insurance.


Frozen Kuhsterd

[Greater Bay Area]



Truck photo courtesy of: Jason A.

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