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$1.29 bouquet of Daffodils for a Spring Wedding…

Updated: Mar 12, 2014 10:05
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In an earlier post, I mentioned taking advantage of Trader Joe’s annual spring $1.29 bouquet of Daffodils and using them for your arrangements at your wedding.

Yesterday I went to get arugula at TJ’s and saw the flowers sitting in a basket outside and I immediately bought two bouquets. The woman behind me said, “That’s a good deal.” Where I replied, “It really is and I buy them every year.” She stopped in her tracks and picked up two bouquets.

I brought then home and put then in a vintage green glass vase. And now they sit in my window. You should get off your tuchus and get some. Today.

555 9th Street (b/t Brannan + Bryant) [SOMA]


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