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Whobilation! A Who’s Who of Holiday Burlesque, Bands, and Christmas Puppets

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Only in San Francisco will you find a Dr. Seuss-themed striptease, puppet show, live music theater holiday speakeasy extravaganza the likes of Whobilation, Friday, December 19 at the Great Star Theater in Chinatown. Combining elements of your favorite childhood TV Christmas specials with an epic costumed stage production, live bands and the jolliest big-name DJs, Whobilation is what event organizer Barron Scott Levkoff calls “kind of a holiday acid trip.”

Acid is not included with your Whobilation admission. You will, however, see a dozen of the Bay Area’s finest burlesque sugarplums along live music, a raucous holiday DJ dance party and a stage show spectacular that will make your heart grow three sizes and bust out of its meager little frame.

Whobilation Stage Show Extravaganza

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The naughty niceness of Whobilation begins with an epic 75-minute ‘onstage TV Christmas special’ that serves as a slapstick Christmas allegory on contemporary San Francisco. Burgermeister Levkoff previewed the show to “Ebeneezer Grouch is a money-grubbing, techie, gentrifying eviction-happy landlord,” Levkoff explains. “He gets visited by the ghosts of past holiday TV specials and scared — hopefully! — into giving back to San Francisco and not being such a bastard.”

“There’s a lot of large stage numbers that we’re choreographing,” Barron continued. “We’re doing a whole star-belly sneeches number that’s inspired by 70s San Francisco, kind of gender-bending glam/funk act. We have a huge ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ number featuring Hunny Bunny and Lula Applebruise  and the whole Who cast.”

The show combines elements of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with “Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse”, the “Star Wars Holiday Special” and all your other favorite-slash-least-favorite holiday TV shows. An all-star cast of burlesque beauties will be nipping at your nose, including Bunny PistolBombshell BettyMiss If-N’-Whendy,  Dalyte KodzisAlexa Von KickinfacePrince XzistLulu Cachoo and the sweetest candy Kane, Arcadia Kane.

Other Holiday Honeys and Fruitcakes at Whobilation

Shadow Circus - WB Photography

Image courtesy WB Photography

Following the show, the Great Star Theater transforms into an interactive dance party with a wandering bevy of beauties who make sure you ‘won’t go until you get some’Shadow Circus Creature Theater brings the yuletide puppetry.  While onstage, Sinister Twist will bump and grind, and The Final Frontiersmen, a Star Trek lounge cover band, boldly goes where no gingerbread man has gone before. DJ stylings are provided by electroswing mashup producer DJ Jazzy Fox and DJ NeonBunny – a glowing furry rabbit DJ whose fur glows and pulses in time with the music.

Other Whobilation nonsense includes the ‘Kathy Lee Gifford and Sarah Palin Memorial Hideous Holiday Sweater Contest’, which might otherwise be known as…. Cardigans Against Humanity?

 Whobilation is one night only at the Great Star Theater, Friday, December 19 at 9 p.m. with plenty of great tickets still available!

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