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Not Your Average Touristy Things to Do Next Time You Travel

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Traveling is fun and exciting because it takes you out of your typical routine and gives you something new to experience. No matter where your destination is, you’re bound to have a good time! There’s no work stress to think about or responsibilities to take care of. All you have to think about is you and what you want to do. Even if you’re traveling with your friends or family, the only thing on everyone’s mind is to have fun while you’re away from home.

This means something different for everyone. Some friends or family members might think that it’s more fun to splurge on delicious meals than entertainment, and for others it’s the opposite. Something everyone can agree on is that when you’re out doing things that are typical tourist activities, it can be a bit embarrassing or even expensive. Taking city tours with a guide or walking around with a map in your hand points out to everyone that you’re new in town.

To save yourself that feeling of being an obvious tourist and to keep your money in your pocket, try doing things on your next trip that aren’t what tourists typically do. By thinking outside the box, you’ll blend right in with the locals. You might even find yourself having a better time than you would have had if you’d stuck with the bus tours and sightseeing.

Make Friends with the Locals

No matter where you vacation, making friends with a few of the local people is key to avoiding the tourist traps. The people who live where you’re going to be vacationing will know the best places to eat that don’t get swamped by visitors from out of town. They’ll also know what places are the best to visit for entertainment and which ones aren’t worth your cash. Chat up people on the beach or while you’re out hiking to make connections and take your vacation to the next level.

Ride in Style

Don’t want to socialize while you’re getting some quality time to yourself? Start your trip off right by cruising out of the airport in a limo. This might cost a bit more than just making some friends at the grocery store, but you can get great information on where you’re staying from the driver while receiving timely and professional service. Skip the hassle of a taxi ride and research questions you might have, then book your limo and treat yourself.

Ditch the Big Camera

The stereotypical image of a tourist is someone who wears clothes with large flower prints, big sunglasses and a straw hat. They also always carry a large camera. The camera has been slowly replaced overtime by smartphones, but you can blend the two to create your own experience. Look at some of the best lenses and accessories for smartphones so you don’t have to carry around a bulky camera and can post pictures on the go.

Find Your Destination on Social Media

Nowadays, the internet has everything you could possibly need. From ordering ingredients to a recipe you’re halfway through to renting movies online, you could never want for anything if you have a computer at your fingertips. Use that to your advantage on your next vacation!

Find the social media pages for the towns you’ll visit and follow them. They’ll post about events and opportunities for locals that you can jump in on. Plus, you’ll get access to honest reviews from people who live there. Around 70% of global users claim that reviews on the internet affect what they buy and do. Get local opinions on what there is to do and plan your vacation from there.


The next time you travel, don’t feel like a sore thumb while you’re out enjoying your time away from home. Blend right in with the locals by finding out what they like to do. Make some friends, talk with a limo driver or look up social media reviews online and you’ll have plenty of things to do in no time!

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Kacey Bradley

Kacey Bradley

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Kacey has been able to further her knowledge and interest for nature, understand the power of exploring other locations, and embrace the styles and cultures that surround her through her passion for writing and expression.

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