The #Givemuffins Movement is Back in San Francisco

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By Jacob “Muffin Man” Kaufman

Hey there loyal Broke-Ass-a-Teers!  It’s your old friend the Muffin Man!

I know you’re broke, but you’re also beautiful, and you love helping those in need. With that in mind, National Muffin Day is coming up on Sunday, January 28th!  On National Muffin Day, I invite everybody to bake muffins and give them to homeless or other hungry folks in their cities.  For each person who bakes and gives muffins, and memorializes the event on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #givemuffins, I will donate $10 to Project Homeless Connect, an amazing organization that provides a ton of much-needed services to the SF homeless community.But if gets even better: my former law firm Smithline PC and my parents have generously agreed to match the donations!  That means that for each person who bakes and gives on January 28th, $30 will be donated to Project Homeless Connect!

National Muffin Day has grown tremendously since its inception.  In the first year of National Muffin Day, approximately 70 people participated.  The next year, that number increased to 110.  Last year, we had around 160 participants.  This year the goal is to get to 200 participants, which would translate to $6000 for Project Homeless Connect!

National Muffin Team

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You can participate at any time, anywhere in the world on January 28th (and if you’re a few days early or late, it still counts)–just be sure to document your efforts!  Sign up to participate on the official National Muffin DayFacebook Page for more information and muffin recipes!

A few other goodies:
Official NMD webpage
Muffin Man’s Medium Post (2016)
Muffin Music Video!
NEW THIS YEAR–Muffin Moth Story:

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @natlmuffinday
If you have any questions, ideas, or just want to reach out to the Muffin Man, please feel free to contact me at

Thanks, and I’ll see you in the kitchen and out in the streets!

Jacob the Muffin Man

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