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Patron of the Week: Finny Balboa

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I love any opportunity to support the folks who support me, which is why I’m so excited to be doing this Patron of the Week series. From art to activism to non-profits, so many of the people who support Broke-Ass Stuart on Patreon do really wonderful things. And this is a chance to shine light on them. Wanna be featured as Patron of the Week? Become a supporter on Patreon right here.

Our Patron of the Week this time around is Finny Balboa. She’s a long time BAS supporter and is up to some pretty great things herself. I’ll let her explain:

I pretty much think of myself as an artist, marketing collaborator, joy spreader, “progressive patriot”, good bourbon seeker and good mom. I’m also an “accidental entrepreneur” incorporating myself as a media company ( at the request of Yahoo! some years back. I’m addicted to helping my friends design logos and websites for their businesses. While I focused more time on business the last decades, I’m about to launch my art website (here’s a sneak peak, you guys are the first to see it released!

Check out the rest of what she has to say below:

Name: Ann “Finny” Balboa. Long for Finn, which is my middle name.

Where do you live?: South San Francisco, CA.  I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky (explains the Bourbon kick?)

Occupation: President/Owner of Orange22, Inc which is a media buying company.  I’m also an artist and wanna-be author.

What’s a project you’re working on?:  I have lots of projects right now, here are a few: 1) finishing a book with a friend. It’s a about being single and dating in your 50’s (Note: This is NOT your Mother’s Eat, Pray Love). 2) I have 2 art commissions I’m in the midst of finishing (portraits) and 3) I’m doing a few media plans for some technology and hotel/travel organizations – bringing integrity to the ad business I hope. I’m also doing some pro-bono work to help to encourage Dems to “Get Off Their Donkey” to vote at the mid-terms.

What is an accomplishment you’re really proud of?: Besides my amazing son?  I had an artist demonstration for a day at the Legion of Honor many years ago. Renee Baldocchi, who recently retired from the deYoung Museum, set me up with it. Even better, Renee went on to become one of my best friends and is the person with whom I’m co-authoring the book.

I am also very proud that I appeared at the Peruvian Ayahuasca journey of TWO FRIENDS (separate journeys) as an Orange Fiery Fairy (new-age tinker bell?). Apparently I was flitting and flying around their heads while they were stoned out of their minds. Given those journey’s are supposedly dark and purging, that I would show up twice as an Orange Fiery Fairy hopefully means I really am spreading some joy.

Best money saving tip: (no bias here –  they have saved me thousands on flights).

What do you refuse to spend money on?: French Pedicures. I have never understand why anyone spends that kind of money and time to make your toes that fancy.  Rubbing white stuff under your nails.  Of your toes.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: A con-man’s lies. Oh, and a house in the Bay Area. Back in 1997. It was down to the one I still have in South San Francisco and one you might have heard about in the news, in Sunnyside (near Glen Park) that literally fell down a few years ago.

How’d that feel?:  So Scary!  Grateful that I didn’t buy the Sunnyside one.  If I hadn’t bought the alternative was leaving  — got some help from family on the down-payment.

Favorite cheap eat: $1.00 oysters at Mission Rock Resort, sitting there eating them while watching the longshoremen work at the #1 tax revenue business in the SF Bay….ship repair (or so that’s the city supervisor told me).

Favorite dive bar:  Vesuvio. Always meet San Francisco originals with great stories. I had an art show there once.  I love that place.  My friend in Singapore and I have this idea that they should add Constitution Slams (you know, like people reading the Constitution out loud like poetry. We all need to get more familiar with it).

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: For $350, I got a Roundrip ticket SFO to London, 8 nights hotel, 3 shows including Phantom of the Opera, All access Tube pass.  Free Carry Bag.  And $1 oysters all over town.

Favorite free thing to do: Urban foraging. I love the way you can walk outside and lean down and pick up a lemon that rolled down from the neighbors house (Don’t eat the apples).  I also enjoy SF CityGuides free walking tours when friends are in town.  And I love to play backgammon.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?:  A super cool old theatre in Berkeley, then I’d help my friend El Lorenzo, who is a very good magician (illusionist, to open a Magic Wand Factory there. No kidding. Magic wands in the front. Exclusive up close magic shows in the back.  Maybe give a few of the other spaces out to start-ups that were doing magical things. Like you Stuart.

One album that everyone should listen to: Pat Metheny Still Life. Favorite track: Last Train Home. Try not to wax nostalgic when you listen to it. Great for Road Trips which I Love!

Best hangover cure: Ha! I don’t get hangovers – Maybe it’s the good bourbon.

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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