The March for Total Liberation of Animals in NYC

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Since 2016 there have been several Animal Rights Marches around the globe including most recently in London where over 10,000 people showed up. Founded by the UK animal rights group Surge, the marches are a chance for people to show up and fight for the complete liberation of animals. No animals in the slaughterhouse and no animals on your plate. From the Surge website – “Social justice historically has only ever been concerned with the wellbeing of human animals, yet non-human animals are the most oppressed and abused beings on earth, existing in the billions, their suffering unimaginable.” On September 1st  Total Liberation New York and Surge will host the official Animal Rights March NYC.

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More from the Surge website- “Animals suffer, just like us. They feel a vast spectrum of emotions including love, joy, grief, fear and pain. The fact that animals experience pain means that they have an innate preference to avoid it. Therefore, it is our moral obligation to protect them from unnecessary suffering- however, we have normalized exploiting them in the trillions, profiting from their gentleness, their innocence and their voicelessness.” This march is a chance for people to be their voice.

There will be several speakers including the Senior VP of PETA, Dan Mathews. The march is more than just a meet up of like-minded people. It’s also an opportunity to educate people about what animals go through on the way to the dinner table as well as what eating flesh does to the human body.

Did you know that many factory farmed animals are forced to live their entire lives in pens and cages that are often too small for them to turn around?

Did you know that cows are artificially inseminated to keep their milk flowing until they physically can’t produce anymore and are slaughtered?

This piglet will live its whole life in shit filled cage and never see the sun or know love but please enjoy your bacon.

One of the goals of this march is to bring awareness to people who may not know where their food is coming from. They want to give others the tools to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs, banners, costumes, musical instruments and even their own megaphones. The organizers want this march to be bigger, bolder, brighter and louder than any march prior. Time to step up your game New York.

The organizers have made it very clear. They’ll march, protest and keep fighting until every cage is empty.

The Official Animal Rights March NYC 9-1-18
Saturday, September 1, 12 PM – 4 PM EDT

To find out more about the Official Animal Rights March click here.

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