mySight: FInally, a tech solution to San Francisco’s homelessness problem

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Guest post by Chad McDingleberry: Chief Visionary of mySight

San Francisco, you’re far too beautiful for the depressing and uncomfortable blight of homelessness. Tents blocking the path of my scooter? Rude. Human feces on the street? Blech. Death and addiction at our doorsteps? Gross.

People keep throwing ideas and solutions around that will just take too long: “Affordable housing!”, “Accessible restrooms!”, “Humane treatment!” But where’s the me in all of that? With all of these proposed solutions, like Prop C, nobody seems to be thinking about me, the everyman tech worker whose luxury commuter bus is the backbone of this economy.

And that got me thinking. What if instead of wasting my energy not doing anything about the housing crisis, I spent it doing something that solves my problem? Now, after thousands of hours spent in UX research on ignoring the unhoused, I’ve invented mySight: blinders for my daily commute.

Using only the rarest earth minerals mined by children in Africa, mySight applies a non-visually-permeable filter to your optical field, blocking all unsightly disturbances – getting you where you want to go, without the unwanted reminders of human suffering.

No longer do I need to see the uncomfortable experiences of people struggling to survive. No longer do I have to live with the shame of having to ignore a mother of three asking for a dollar. My walk is pleasant. My commute is comfortable. My life is better. mySight is a solution for people like me.

Thankfully city officials have been on board with the blinders approach to the housing crisis since day one, so that’s why we’re holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall today at 5pm. Reporters and the public are invited to attend, ask questions, and watch a demonstration of mySight in action.

Until then, enjoy our launch video:

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