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Photo of the 5th Annual Brooklyn Nightlife Awards from Gay Letter

I’ve spent the last year interviewing the most fascinating and fabulous drag queens in NYC, particularly Brooklyn. Brooklyn queens are fierce, adventurous and are re-defining drag. I’ve been able to share the stories of drag queens, drag kings and everything in between (and there’s a LOT in between). They are the best of Brooklyn nightlife.

The nomination process for The Brooklyn Nightlife Awards has begun. These awards are given to the amazing performers in the nightlife scene as well as the people who help bring this entertainment to the masses. As the NYC editor for Broke-Ass Stuart I have absolutely loved talking to and promoting the best entertainers in Brooklyn nightlife. The Nightlife Awards have a category for Best Blogger/Writer and I need your help getting nominated and helping build the Broke-Ass Stuart brand in NYC.

Whether I’m nominated or not I’m still going to promote the performers that fuck up your gender perceptions and expectations. I’m still going to share stories about the queens who make outfits out of garbage that put most designers to shame. I’m still going to introduce you to the queens that talk to you about social justice issues in between lip syncs and death drops because it’s their fucking show and they do what they want. I’ll still do all of that whether you nominate me or not but a nomination would be the cherry on top of a very fabulous fucking cake.


Vote for Joe DeLong for Best Blogger/Writer here.

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Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

Former stand up comic, radio show host, mayoral candidate and fetish webcam model. Now I'm the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady.

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