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The Super Gay, Chick-fil-A, coming in San Jose

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The restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, financially supports groups that oppose LGBTQ rights.  They are openly ‘Christian’, and openly gave $1.6 million to the ‘Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ which  discriminates against gay people.  That’s why it came as a surprise that they were able to build one of their Chick-fil-A’s, inside Mineta San Jose International Airport.  (San Jose is still technically in the Bay Area, so we’re pissed).

Naturally, the Bay Area’s LGBTQ community is protesting the construction of a new Chick-fil-A restaurant which was approved more than a year ago as part of a package deal with several other restaurants in a contract with the airport’s food and beverage concessionaire.

Ken Yeager, San Jose’s first openly gay council member and supervisor, said the decision to allow it at the publicly owned airport was an oversight, and should be remedied one way.  By making Chick-fil-A San Jose, super gay (our words).

Ken Yeager, Silicon Valley’s first openly gay elected official

“This is going to be people’s very first impression of San Jose and what are they going to see? They’re going to see a store known for its anti-gay attitudes and for funding anti-gay groups. I just thought that was so unfortunate, given that we’ve made so much progress in San Jose on LGBTQ rights,” said Yeager to the press.

Because Mineta San Jose is a publicly owned place and the airport has a non-discrimination policy, Yeager wants to put up a rainbow flag near the Chick-fil-A entrance.

“Whatever we do, we need to make people realize when they come into San Jose, that this is a very welcoming community,” Yeager said. The San Jose City Council approved Yeager’s idea. reported that Councilman Raul Peralez also called for queer and trans employees to be hired in an effort to make it the “gayest Chick-fil-A in the country.” In addition, the Council imposed a measure that will withhold contract extensions for businesses that don’t operate seven days a week — Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays.

We think this Chick-fil-A should be run entirely by drag queens with alter boys from the satanic temple.

The moves are only the latest in a thread of airport-centric actions taken in the wake of reports that the chain donated $1.8 million to anti-LGBTQ+ charities in 2017. Previously the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the San Antonio International Airport banned the restaurant from opening locations.

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