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8 Adult Birthday Party Ideas Because Grown-Ups Need Fun, Too

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Let’s be honest: parties become a lot more fun once you hit age 21. Sure, you could celebrate your birthday by ordering pizza and a cake, but where’s the originality in that?

Adulting is hard. Waking up for work on the daily drains the best of us at times. And paying bills? Ugh, don’t even get me started. But since you’re all grown up, you can at least throw the birthday bash of your dreams. Here are eight fun ideas to try.

1. Throw a Pampering Party

What feels more amazing than a spa day? Sharing it with your besties, that’s what! If money is no object, go ahead and book a day spa trip for you and your squad.

Not enough leftover at the end of the month? No problem! Invest in some inexpensive soaking trays (standard cat litter boxes work — sans cats and litter, of course). Fill with water, a few drops of essential oil and some rose petals, Grab some nail colors, massage oils and sugar scrubs. You and your girls can give each other pedicures in the privacy of your home.

2. Host a Wine and Cheese Tasting

Certain varietals of wine pair perfectly with particular cheeses, but you and the crew can create your own fun combos! Have everyone bring their favorite vintage and cheese. Yes, you can include vegans — who knows? You may find a cruelty-free variety you truly enjoy! If you’re hosting, provide additional charcuterie items like olives, strawberries, apple slices, and nuts to complement your pairings.

3. Party Like the Rich and Famous

Maybe you can’t fly the squad to Paris, but you can swing some hotel rooms for the night when you take advantage of group rates. Adult hotel parties are a blast, and they let your friends with little ones at home get a much-needed break.

Select a hotel with amenities your friends will enjoy like a great cocktail hour or a gym with a climbing wall. And you, the lucky birthday person, get to enjoy the luxury of not having to handle cleanup the next day.

4. Barbecue — Even If It’s Cold Out

Many grillers hang up their apron on Labor Day and don’t break it out again until the following May. But there’s no rule saying you have to confine barbecuing to the summertime.

Fire up the grill — you can drag electric grills into the garage if it’s rainy or snowy — and break out the dogs and brats. Are you and your friends more of the veggie-saurus types? You can introduce the remaining carnivores to terrific vegan barbecue recipes so good, they’ll never know the food didn’t come from a pig.

5. Take Over Karaoke Night

Nearly everyone’s hometown has at least one great dive bar with a karaoke night. And when you sing with a group, no one knows who’s off-key. Grab your money from the ATM and head out.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, you can rent games and game consoles from many public libraries for free (or next to it). Rent a copy of “Rock Band” and have karaoke night at home!

6. Create Your Own Whatever-Con

You don’t grow out of costumes — if you did, cosplay wouldn’t be so huge. If you’re a member of any particular nerd-dom, why not host your version of Comic-Con (or whatever fan base you belong to) at home? You can have a contest to see who can come up with the most authentic and most creative duds.

7. Bring Back the Classic Dinner Party

Nothing screams, “I’m an adult,” the way a classic dinner party does. And while throwing one takes a bit of work, you can learn how to create a proper table setting and pair different courses with specific wines. You’ll be known as the elegant one in your group going forward!

8. Break Out the Old-Fashioned Board Games

Finally, you don’t need much money at all to throw a fun board game party. Break out “Twister” and crack your friends up as you get your impromptu yoga jam on. Games like Scattegories involve everyone and classics like Monopoly prove more fun when extra eyes keep pranksters from stealing from the bank.

Make Your Birthday the Ultimate Adult Blast

Adults need to let loose and have a good time, too. Show your squad the fun times are only getting started when you reach adulthood and get ready to have a birthday blast!

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