Far Right, Anti-Muslim Activist is Coming to “Cleanup” SF Homeless Camps

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Far-right, Islamophobic activist Scott Presler

Guest post by tree

This Saturday, far-right, Islamophobic activist Scott Presler will be heading to San Francisco on his anti-homeless “cleanup” tour, inspired by the Twitter rants of Donald Trump.

Presler is working with the San Francisco Republican Party to organize volunteers to gather at an as-yet undisclosed location to rid the streets of the belongings of homeless residents of San Francisco. Presler will follow the event with an LGBT #WalkAway Town Hall, also at an undisclosed location.

Presler has previously held “cleanup” events in other urban areas, such as Los Angeles, Portland, Houston and Baltimore, where he was able to drum up Pro-Trump, anti-Democrat press coverage or create his own social media buzz. He brings in dumpsters, joins forces with local Trump supporters and creates photo ops followed by voter registration drives and town hall meetings.

History of Hate

Scott Presler is a far-right agitator who has worked for the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America, which boasts close connections to the Trump administration. ACT for America has organized with Neo-Nazis like Billy Roper on anti-Muslim events like the “March on Sharia.”

His group has also rallied with other neo-Nazis like Identity Evropa and fascist Vanguard America – groups involved in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. And they organized anti-Muslim events with Patriot Prayer, whose events have attracted Neo-Nazis and, notably, Portland MAX train killer Jeremy Christian.

Presler’s Schtick

After organizing with hate groups, Scott Presler has rebranded himself as an “environmental activist,” spreading “love” while wearing a hazmat suit. He sets out to prove Trump’s point, that Democrat-run cities are filthy shitholes. He rolls a dumpster up to a homeless encampment, and sets his minions loose to make the Democrats look bad. He finds convenient things, like a carefully-placed pile of hypodermic needles or an old newspaper, announcing the Obama presidency.

Within Presler’s movement, the disdain and disgust for the people in the “cleanup” communities is clear in his followers’ social media posts. They say things like “rat and garbage infested minority neighborhoods,” “LIVING IN SQUALOR AND LOVING IT,” “EXCREMENT filled homeless camp.”

Scott Presler is not coming to San Francisco because he cares about the lives of homeless residents.

A Scary Precedent

Anti-homeless campaigns like this one harken back to Nazis targeting homeless people as “work-shy” or “antisocial,” marking them with black triangles, and sending them to concentration camps. Presler’s feel-good façade is actually designed to usher in further violent repression of poor and marginalized communities –whether it is done by the Trump administration or local, so-called progressive politicians and their police forces.

If Presler would really like to clean up a mess, he does not need to leave an official Trump rally to do it.

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  1. Kevin Schmidt
    April 20, 2020 at 10:26 am — Reply

    San Francisco is a progressive city and will not tolerate far right fascist intolerance. Antifa will stop them very quickly, as usual.

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