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19 Oct 2011

DIY: Halloween

Much like last year, there are Halloween decorations going up left and right and it’s getting me all giddy. And much like last year, I’ve found some superawesomefun and cheap as all heck Halloween-themed craft ideas to get you all pumped for the holiday. After all, Halloween isn’t just about

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12 Oct 2011

DIY Mirror Upgrades

Mirrors, much like light switch plates, are often overlooked as a place where one can get crafty and really add color and light to a room without having to drop a lot of coin. We briefly touched on mirrors back when we talked about stencils, but mirrors offer a slew

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05 Oct 2011

Hardware Store DIY

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love for hardware stores. I’m not sure exactly why but there’s something about all those hooks and nails and shelves all lined up and neatly sectioned, just waiting to fix your annoying household problems. Maybe it appeals to my sense of order,

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29 Sep 2011

DIY Pringles Can Crafts

One of my many weaknesses – in addition to boots, 80’s movies, tattoo’d dads and books – are potato chips. I am defenseless against a salty, crispy snack and out of all the potato chips across the lands, Pringles Original has maintained a top three position for an impressive number

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31 Aug 2011

DIY: Make Your Own Key Rack

My friend Kat has a theory that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who come home, set down their bags, put away their keys and hang up their coats and those who come home and drop/throw their shit wherever. Being one of the former – and

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16 Jun 2010

Workshop is throwing Etsy a Birthday Craft Extravaganza!

The internet is out at my house (because for some reason AT&T insists on turning it off, so they can turn it back on again. Why? Who bloody knows?), which means I’ve been spending a lot of time getting things done. Actual things in my actual life, like reading and

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31 Mar 2010

More Craft for Your Cash: $5 Etsy/MoCFA event!

Oh, hi there Etsy! What are you up to on Thursday? What’s that? You’re having a Craft Event at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco? Stellar! It’s free for students and a measly $5 for non-students? There’s live music and free* beer? Hooray! Etsy (aka the

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