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14 Jan 2010

More Drawing Contests! Free Money and a Boatload of Ice Cream!

First Oakland needed a new t-shirt, now it’s Three Twins Ice Cream that’s looking for your fashion instincts and/or graphic design skills. All you’ve got to do is email your design to and make sure it’s got the Three Twins name or logo in it. If you’re the talented

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13 Jan 2010

FREE Surf Films and Pizza at The Riptide

It’s probably pretty hard to be broke if you live all the way in the Outer Sunset because those cab fares can’t be cheap. But like any decent neighborhood it must have its share of cheap neighborhood bars, otherwise people wouldn’t live there, right? The Riptide must be pretty rad

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07 Jan 2010

FREE Vintage Paper Fair This Weekend

The San Francisco Vintage Paper Fair comes around every few months, but I’m going to go ahead and say I still had no idea what it was. Vintage Paper? Like old posters? Or like Grandpa’s old letters to Grandma? Or maybe just the soggy brown bags from malt liquors passed?

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06 Jan 2010

Reconnect With Your Inner 8-Year-Old Today with FREE Exploratorium, Zoo Admission

Yesterday, Stuart tipped you off to free museum admission on the first Tuesday of the month, but we all know that sometimes it’s really hard to impress people by acting like a grown up at an art museum. Lucky for you, you can take your 8-year-old self to a couple

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31 Dec 2009

Send Off 2009 and Annie's Social Club with FREE New Year's Eve

I doubt I’m alone in thinking that paying an expensive cover for an open bar staffed by cater waiters in a hotel conference room-turned-nightclub is pretty overrated. In fact, I’m willing to bet most readers’ New Year’s Eve plans involve at least two of the following: mini bottles of champagne

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30 Dec 2009

FREE Muni Service on New Year's Eve

If you read the internet in San Francisco, you may have caught this one already: For the 10th year running SFMTA is providing FREE Muni service on New Year’s Eve. So save those two dollars, and bring a bag of ice or a stack of plastic cups to your party

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24 Dec 2009

Last Minute Volunteer Opportunities

Are you stuck in SF over Christmas and looking for some last minute ways to ease your conscience after all those hangovers in 2009? Maybe you just need an excuse to get out of the house and away from the family for a few hours without sounding like a jerk?

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