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20 Jan 2011

Watch Local Celebrities Match Wits for Charity at MatchGameSF

Adding to our city’s obsession with all things retro (roller derby, ice cream parlors, sunglasses, that one store in the Mission that only sells vintage basketball jerseys) is a new charity fundraiser in the form of a TV Quiz Show. Featuring some notable and notorious local celebrities who will be

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13 Jan 2011

Big Nate's BBQ Handing out FREE Sandwiches Tonight

Big Nate’s BBQ likes handing out FREE barbecue like Nate Thurmond liked handing out assists (like Nate’s defense, that statement is impervious) – and tonight the much-loved barbecue joint will again be doling out FREE pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches (with a side of cole slaw, obviously) at 7pm

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13 Jan 2011

Get Down with $1 PBR at Uptown Almanac's 1st Birthday

Our friends at Uptown Almanac have been publishing their Internet web thing for a whole year now and to celebrating turning one, the PBRs at Bender’s Bar are turning $1. Since it’s Bender’s, you can expect people lining up for tater tots at the grill while others line up for

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06 Jan 2011

Play the $4 Po' Boy Sandwich Lottery at Falletti Foods

I’m something of a connoisseur when it comes to sandwiches. There’s really no more versatile or more portable carb-and-meat combination for my money (which isn’t very much money). The only problem with sandwich shopping in San Francisco is that every “sandwich shop” has a two-hour wait for something they’re just

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08 Dec 2010

Tonight: FREE Cover and Burlesque at Supperclub

If you’ve never been to Supperclub, I can’t really blame you – clubs are expensive! But if you ever have the opportunity to get in for cheap, then I highly recommend getting off your regular stool at the dive bar and heading down to Harrison Street because that place is

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24 Nov 2010

FREE Movie Night Friday at Great American Music Hall

Not to be outdone by places like The Independent and The Park Chalet, Great American Music Hall really wants to get in on this free movie night thing, and what better way to start off a movie series in classic San Francisco venue than with another SF classic: Alfred Hitchcock’s

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17 Nov 2010

FREE Concert Alert: See the Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees and Bare Wires

Look, I know this concert isn’t until December, but it’s one of those sponsored-by-a-liquor company deals where you have to RSVP ahead of time. Which you should do. Right here. Because if you don’t and you get turned away from a FREE concert that you had plenty of notice about

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