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13 Oct 2011

Sports, Sandos and Beer at Tommy’s Joynt

  With its colorful facade we’ve all driven by Tommy’s a million times and thought, “Man, I should really go there sometime.” Well good people I have gone to Tommy’s and return with outstanding news. The place is awesome, the food sticks to your ribs and the beers are cheap.

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09 Oct 2011

Italian Heritage Festival Sunday October 9th

After you spend all day Saturday saluting planes and hanging out in the marina you might just need to find a calmer way to celebrate our fair city on Sunday.  The 143rd Italian Heritage Parade on Sunday October 9th should prove to be a great way to spend your fleet

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02 Oct 2011

FREE Jazz Concert in Golden Gate Park Sunday October 2nd

  So let’s say you aren’t a huge fan of Bluegrass, or peeing in the wood… or being offered pharmaceuticals you didn’t know existed, but you do want to check out a free concert in Golden Gate Park this weekend. You my friend are in luck as the Golden Gate

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28 Sep 2011

Ultimate Everything Bagel at House of Bagels

I love me a good bagel, and if I could get myself up early enough I would probably get one from House of Bagels every single day.  The place makes a pretty bold statement with a colorful mural adorning the storefront, with a painting like that you better be able

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25 Sep 2011

FREE Opera at AT&T Park This Weekend

While it appears that our Giants will not be playing into October this season, you can enjoy that beautiful ballpark by the bay for FREE this weekend. I have attempted to get into Opera, and by attempted I mean I have fallen asleep at an Opera performance at least twice,

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22 Sep 2011

Horseshoe Tavern – The Un-Marina Marina Bar

  I was first introduced to the Horseshoe Tavern when I was taking an improv class nearby in Fort Mason. Let me say nothing better prepares you to play “acting” games with middle-aged pharmaceutical sales people than a few pints. In an effort to catch our hometown baseball Giants before

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18 Sep 2011

Celebrate Comedy Day in SF for FREE Sunday Septemer 18th

  Live comedy has been performed outdoors since the beginning of time (*this statement has not been verified by anything). This Sunday September 18th over 30 of San Francisco’s finest comedians will be taking the stage in Golden Gate Park all for the low low price of FREE. If you’ve

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