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13 Aug 2011

Nihomachi Street Fair – August 13th and 14th

Want to avoid the concert chaos that will be occurring in Golden Gate Park this weekend? Are you like me and still can’t figure out why anyone would spend a month’s grocery budget on a concert where Phish is playing 2 sets? Do not fret there is an entirely free

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11 Aug 2011

Gordo Taqueria – Delightfully Satisfying Mexican Fare

Gordo’s has a smattering of locations sprinkled around the bay area but the one near and dear to my heart is right on Geary avenue. You see Gordo’s is conveniently located on my walk home from the gym, thus its flat brown sign strikes my eyeballs when I’m mentally weak

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06 Aug 2011

San Francisco Theater Festival Sunday August 7th

This year the San Francisco theater festival has nestled down right on the shores of the bay in Fort Mason. The festival will be presenting 135 shows in just over six hours time spread throughout 15 venues scattered in the nooks and crannies of the Fort Mason Center. According to

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04 Aug 2011

FREE Improv Every Friday at The Alcove Theater

Alright, so we need a location. “The Alcove Theater,” great The Alcove Theater. Ok now we need a day of the week, “Friday!” yes, Friday Thank You.  We need an activity, “How about FREE improv and stop asking us all these questions.” If you’ve never been to an improv show

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30 Jul 2011

Go Fly a Kite!.. in Berkeley!…This Weekend!

Do you have a friend running the SF marathon on Sunday? Is that friend making you feel lazy and question your current life philosophy of Playstation and Pawn Stars? Well screw them you should go fly a kite…literally. This weekend Highline Kites of Berkeley is sponsoring the 26th annual Berkeley

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28 Jul 2011

4-Star Theatre – An Outer Richmond Survivor

In the land of Netflix, the neighborhood theater is a dying breed. As can be seen by the recent passing of San Francisco’s iconic repertory theater The Red Vic it is becoming increasingly difficult for theaters to put butts in the seats. However The 4-Star Theater on Clement has outlasted

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23 Jul 2011

Indie Mart Returns on Sunday, July 24th!

After a far too long hiatus Indie Mart is back with a vengeance this weekend at Thee Parkside in Portrero Hill. It appears that summer is finally upon us, and in San Francisco that means you have the wonderful dilemma of trying to decide which awesome outdoor events you will

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