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29 Jan 2012

Thirty Bucks: Fluid Yoga

30 dollars doesn’t go too far around these parts. Assuming your routine amounts to four bucks in Muni fares, eight in a decked-out burrito, and 10 (we’re playing it low here) in alcohol, that’s like a day and a half in San Francisco. Important things like dental health, physical fitness

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27 Jan 2012

Civil War Reenactment

According to some rudimentary Internet research, the world of historical reenactment is a strange and nuanced one. Honestly, that’s pretty expected. It takes some peculiarly fixated folks to want to simulate trenchfoot and bayonet wounds and the numerous other miserable accoutrements of historical battles. Nevertheless, they soldier on. Apparently, the

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24 Jan 2012

Sipping at St. Cyprian’s

As someone whose first – and one of very few – church experiences was a rural Mississippian Baptist revival, tongues-speaking and floor-writhings and all, I’m not one who habitually steps foot into a house of God. Tonight, though, I breathed deep and placed one foot in front of the other

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20 Jan 2012

FREE Country Twang at Thee Parkside

Are you one of those hip SF mothers constantly struggling to reconcile your penchants for crocheted baby booties and the golden, booze-dappled days of yesteryear? Perhaps you’re one of those “rad dads” struggling to keep your child’s wayward mouth out of your otherwise finely groomed beard. Or maybe you just

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16 Jan 2012

Manna from the Sunset

At an age when quantity definitely tends to trump quality in most pursuits (see: alcohol, ramen, squalid affairs with grungy musicians), the more you fill your belly with, the better, generally speaking. Who knows, as a broke-ass, when exactly you may eat again. With this in mind, I’ve started eating

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13 Jan 2012

Love Me, Love My Poncho Fashion Show

Ponchos: the wave of the future? Hardly. Nevertheless, the comfy paunch-concealers hold a loyal and devoted following spanning some pretty disparate groups: stoners, moms, racially insensitive restaurant mascots. They’re pretty much the original Snuggie – a little more abrasive, perhaps, and shorter, but cut from the same proverbial cloth –

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05 Jan 2012

The Cycle Resumes: Bike Party’s Birthday

I know I write a lot about bike-related events. There are obvious reasons – bikes are THE environmentally-sound and fast way to get around, they provide good exercise even if your bottom gets abnormally large and triangular as a result, they’re inexpensive-ish and fun to trick out – but I

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