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24 Feb 2010

Taking The Emo Out Of Chemo Fundraiser — Come Out And Support This Friday!

Kelly Malone is one crazy motherfucker. A year ago when she told me she wanted to open up a “d.i.y. school”, I thought she was crazy. Sewing? Screenprinting? Beer? Terrariums? I thought that spinster crazies and Ready Made readers were the only ones who would be interested. But now that

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29 Nov 2009

MUNI is FREE Today and Every Sunday till the End of year!

Thank Christ — MUNI has finally thrown us a bone. After cutting services and lines after December 5th and announcing that Fast Passes will be going up another $15 to $70 a month, our very own urine express decided to cut us a break. Though they do not guarantee that

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27 Nov 2009

Black Friday Bonanza!

While any of you that read this site certainly don’t have the salary to be an active participant of Crabonanza 2009 [I hear the catch this year sucks anyway!], there are more definitely some activities to get you into the holiday spirit after stuffing your face all day. And FYI:

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22 Nov 2009

Naked Lunch Redux — Tonight at Amnesia

If you’re fucked up like me, you’ve read Naked Lunch [several times.] It has a permanent place on my bookshelf and will always be near and dear to my…veins. Burroughs is a legend and conversations about his work, his involvement in the literary scene as well as just exactly how

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20 Nov 2009

Bicycle Ballet — Just For The Fuck of It

To say I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit in San Francisco is like saying I sing Lady Gaga in the shower ‘” I rarely admit it but it totally happens. But for all of the really weird, brain bending and memory searing events that have taken place, there

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13 Nov 2009

Drinking and Dancing Competition at The Lab TONIGHT!

Spilling a drink at the bar is like spilling a sperm sample — its going to take about 45 minutes to get another one, so guard that shit with your life. That’s why The Lab is hosting the hilarious Drinking and Dancing competition tonight. It combines the art of two

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08 Nov 2009

Free Admission to the Jewish Contemporary Museum, TODAY!

I’m still wiping the makeup off my face as we speak to hopefully get ready for the Indie Mart and not look like a hot mess. If you’re not into super amazing parties on Sundays that include fantastic bloody marys to edge off of your hungover state, today is another

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