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07 Nov 2009

Broke-Ass Bulletin for the Week of November 7th!

Welcome to the Broke-Ass Bulletin, a post designed to keep you up on cool shit you may have missed in the last week. Since we’ve all finally recovered from Halloween, here is some news to finally wipe off that clown mask once and for all. [No, really, do it. You’re

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06 Nov 2009

Zine Making Party for FREE in the HAIGHT TONIGHT!

We all struggled through high school. While some of us managed to fuck the hottest girls and be present at every pep rally, some of us were really into Bikini Kill and not shaving.* Though I managed to finally look the female part, my love affair with zines never really

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01 Nov 2009

FREE ADMISSION to CA Academy of Sciences for Mission Residents!

Its finally your turn to experience life outside of the 15 block radius that is the Mission. Just think: experiencing microclimates and bums outside your comfort zone! Actually seeing the city that you blow thousands of dollars down a runway on every month! Getting to meet more than just hipsters

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31 Oct 2009

Broke-Ass Bulletin — The Week of October 30th!

Here is the first installation of the Broke-Ass Bulletin, a post designed to catch you up on some of the stuff you may have missed during the week. Instead of bogging this down with underfunded sleazebags that WERE running for governor and cracks in the Bay Bridge [It’s starting to

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30 Oct 2009

Journey To The End Of The Night — FREE!

Do you like the feel of the chase? The rush of uncertainty, the bubbling of blood, the thrill of the adrenaline levels pounding in your…skull? There is nothing quite like that anxious, stalker feeling, and tonight, you can get a taste of it without the bite of the restraining order

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25 Oct 2009

Indie Mart Vintage Event FREE TODAY!

I swear, I know I’ve been posting about Workshop every weekend. But if I were to tell you that Kelly ACTUALLY pays me to post for her, would you believe me? I have no dignity left. Shit, I’m just trying to pay my rent at this point and I’ll take

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24 Oct 2009

SF: 5 Different Dudes, 5 Different Districts

A survey taken in San Francisco has shown a curious pattern of women being able to constantly predict their male partner’s personalities according to their districts, reports say. The write-in survey, given randomly at 10 different outposts within San Francisco county lines, has had an overwhelming response. Women ages 18-45

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