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23 Oct 2009

MIDNIGHT MOVIES AT THE CLAY — The Great Muppet Caper, Tonight!

I can’t think of a better place to hit on someone than at a midnight Muppet movie, much less one based around journalists. If you’re actually planning on going to this thing, the people that you’ll probably see will include, but is not limited to: the lonely, the uninspired and

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16 Oct 2009

Dia de los Muertos comes early this year at 1:AM Gallery!

I know it’s slightly early for this, but considering how much I LOVE this holiday, this definitely did not come soon enough. Dia de los Muertos, which comes alive on November 2nd in the Mission, is a huge bloom of art, spirituality and lots of amazing stories. Translating to Day

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11 Oct 2009


After all of their trial runs this week, the Blue Angels have literally almost made me choke on just about everything I’ve put in my mouth this week. That’s not to say I won’t be specific — but the terror inducing sounds of a jet seeming to fly right through

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09 Oct 2009

1st Movie Night at Workshop — ROADHOUSE!

Alright, look, I know I have been plugging Workshop up the ass lately, but you really need to go! And what better way to wind down your week than with a bunch of hot, crafty nerds and a little Swayze, eh? Lets face it — sometimes hunting for bar rags

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04 Oct 2009

First Free Sundays at the Asian Art Museum!

If Bluegrass or hanging out with veggies isn’t really your thing, head down to the Asian Art Museum for free access to the permanent collection, $5 for the special exhibitions. Though the badass Samurai show has packed up and left, their new show, Emerald Cities, sounds crazy interesting. If you

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03 Oct 2009

5 Reasons You Should Head To Workshop

So as I was shooting the shit yesterday with Stuart on my day off, we both realized that we have robbed our readers of a real explanation about what Workshop is. Kelly Malone, one of the closest comrades of BAS and an amazing friend, has finally kicked off her dream

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02 Oct 2009

Benefit for Hurricane Ondoy Victims TONIGHT at Little Skillet!

I know it’s pricey, but if you’ve been unable to make it over to Farmerbrown’s take-out outpost, Little Skillet, you’re seriously missing out. One of the few places in the Bay Area that actually serves chicken and waffles the right way, this place has been creating quite the ruckus in

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