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27 Sep 2009

Our Fisting Fest Is The Best — Folsom Street Fair 2009

Did you know that the Folsom Street Fair is the third largest annual outdoor event in California? Yeah, I didn’t either. And it always must be one hell of a biohazard to clean up. Strap on your favorite leather boots and head down to SOMA this weekend for some culture

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26 Sep 2009

Festival Fuckery — SF's 9 Best Fests of The Year

If there is anytime to ever have fun without spending all the skrilla in your pocket, its definitely during a festival. There is always some way to hawk free food, booze and someone who always wants to get taken home. Here are our favorite SF blowouts that consider a serious

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25 Sep 2009

Happy Hour at Ike's Place! FREE CHIPS AND A DRINK!

Ike’s has gotten crowded. REAL crowded. Man V. Food can definitely do that to a place. Even though the lines are longer than ever, Ike is sweetening the deal with his awesome smile and a happy hour deal for all of his favorite customers. Order any sandwich between the house

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20 Sep 2009

Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park — 5 hours of FREE SHOWS!

Comedy shows are expensive. They’re almost not worth it in my opinion. Say you shell out $25 for a ticket to Cobb’s or the Punch Line, and you’re planning on having a great time. But then comes the drink minimum, which, for an average beer [we’re talking Bud here], its

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19 Sep 2009

Get Off Your Ass and Make Something Cool — Workshop Open TODAY!

So things have been quiet with Indie Mart lately. I haven’t had a place to shake my ass and spend all the little hard earned cash I have in quite sometime. But Kelly is dusting off her latest project and polishing it off with an awesome opening party to get

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18 Sep 2009

Bargain Secrets from The Intern — Richmond Produce

Call me a bitch, but its rare that I share a good deal. Even on this website. Despite the fact that I’ve managed to lose all my integrity as a person and a journalist after working with Stu for just under a year, I still try to keep some cred

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15 Sep 2009

Recession Busting Basics at the American Apparel Flea Market!

There is something to be said for a basic t-shirt. We spend our lives looking for the perfect fit. We steal them from boyfriends and best friends, wear them until they beg for mercy and customize them to the point of designer-ware overload. From the simple white crew neck to

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