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18 Nov 2009

Disguise Your Drinking Problem as Brunch at Lime

Copious amounts of booze? I’m listening. Sexy singles? Yes please. Huevos rancheros? Where do I sign? There are few things in life I’d consider better than brunch (like seeing that your ex has gained fifty pounds or the adorable face kids make when you tell them Santa isn’t real). But

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04 Nov 2009

A Guide to Riding the SF MUNI: Part One

Anyone who lives in San Francisco knows your ride home can make or break your night. You may see something devastating like a baby taking it’s first steps, or something hilarious like an elderly woman falling from her walker. Either way, you’re going to cry after you masturbate and that’s

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24 Oct 2009

Have a Gay Ol' Time at the B.Y.O.Q. Party

What’s better than a big dance party in the middle of Golden Gate Park? A big gay dance party! That’s right babies, today is the B.Y.O.Q. (Bring Your Own Queer) event. With everything from live music, to performances, to fashion and a plethora of STD’s that don’t even have names

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21 Oct 2009

Five Signs You May Need a Vacation

Residents of San Francisco often refer to the city as a “bubble.” You know, a big civil-rights-loving-wastoid-environmentalist-organic bubble. It’s easy to get acclimated to this place and forget that not every city embraces trannies and public nudity, if not copulation. The other day while deciding what to get for lunch,

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17 Oct 2009

Wonderland Exhibit: Life in the Tenderloin

On my first visit to San Francisco, my friend drove me around on a tour of the city. While riding through the Tenderloin, I was looking at a woman vomiting and hiking up her skirt to pee on a trash can, when suddenly we crossed one street only to be

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10 Oct 2009

Keep it in the Family: Union Design Festival

What do Ansel Adams, Clint Eastwood and OJ Simpson have in common? Sure, they’re beloved American heroes, but they also at one time happened to be kids with a dream in this mind-bending metropolis we call San Francisco. True, nothing feeds the soul more than telling a kid his dreams

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07 Oct 2009

Lost in a World Full of Haight: Murio's Trophy Room

After a long and tiring rummage through Amoeba, people often find themselves in need of an adult beverage. Chances are you’ve just blown your wad on those albums you didn’t even know you’ve been wanting for five years and you’re feeling a little strapped for cash. Well don’t stress too

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