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08 Oct 2013

My Heart is an Idiot: Found Magazine’s “Unfinished Business Tour”

Found objects make rad stories. And Davy Rothbart, founder of FOUND Magazine, teller of stories on This American Life, and author of My Heart is an Idiot s bringing his stories and found objects to San Francisco. He wears Elmo-red pants, rocks Metallica’s One as his hype music, and may or

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20 Jun 2013

STOP! No U Turn… FREE Found Streetsign Poetry Reading!

Missing Links Press launches Found Dharma… Nothing says summer solstice like hearing some poetry created from serendipitous street signs. (By the way, did you know that the word serendipity comes from a fairy tale called Three Princes of Serendip? Go read about it.) This Friday poet Genine Lentine will read from

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13 Jun 2013

Are YOU Going to the Emerging Power Party?

Authentic + Creative work… That’s what Jennifer Lee of Arizen Coaching will be talking about. And Sera Beak will be talking about living out the divine feminine inside. This event sounds incredible. It’s at the HUB, which is a community center for personal and business growth. As they say about

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06 Jun 2013

FREE Tales of San Francisco Cacophony Society Book Reading!

Inspiring SF, Fight Club, Burning Man and more… Tonight you have a very cool opportunity to hear from some of the voices who helped shape a lot of the things you think are cool. You’ve never heard of them, but now you can hear straight from them how it went

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30 May 2013

The Wire + Momofuku = Awesome

Have plans for Thursday night? You can break ’em. Dave Simon and David Chang are speaking at the Nourse Theater. Who are these people? David Chang is the founder of Momofuku and other restaurants that defy conventional adjectives like awesome and delicious. Their food is incredible. But their cookbooks are

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23 May 2013

FREE Gloaming Hour Art at Adobe Books

              Yes, I’ll tell you what gloaming is… At Adobe Books, the great archetypal bookstore of the Mission, has an almost secret backroom gallery where they feature some great art. It’s always FREE to check out- just walk back through the bookstore. This month

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16 May 2013

FREE Bay to Breakers Book Giveaway

Like reading? Like Bay to Breakers? I’ve got a book for you. Bay to Breakers is one of my favorite days of the year. People come out dressed in angel outfits, sperm costumes, wizard robes, or wearing nothing but body paint and glitter to spend a Sunday morning parading across

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