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15 Aug 2010

Saturday: Space Party 3000 with Rollerskating!

I know, Sundays nights are rough, especially for the employed ones; early morning meetings are looming around the corner and every one is wishing why, oh why, can’t it be the weekend still. Think of all the fun we had killing that mime for sport, building nuclear reactors in our

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08 Jun 2010

Bawdy Storytelling at The Blue Macaw

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve got a foul mouth and an even dirtier mind.  I mean, I took a write up about a reading at the Knockout and turned it into this for fuck’s sake.  I like twisted stories and completely uncouth jokes…the more demented, the

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12 Apr 2010

Things You Will See if You Tour the Tenderloin (NSFW)

Yesterday the New York Times did a piece about the possibility of the Tenderloin being turned into a tourist attraction.  All I have to say is, it’s about time!  Jesus Christ, putting together a list of all the wondrous things tourists can see is a bit daunting, but that doesn’t

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10 Feb 2010

Valentine’s Day Flashmob Pillow Fight

Valentine’s Day makes me want to punch myself in the face.  It also makes me want to punch everyone else in the face (especially cute couples’”they’re the worst).  But how to justify random acts of violence on the stupid day of love?  Clearly the geniuses behind The Great San Francisco

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22 Jan 2010

Ryan's Famous "Am I Gay?" Litmus Test

As a full blown queer living in San Francisco, a shocking number of my straight friends have confided in me that they’ve had homosexually charged erotic fantasies. From what I’ve observed, it appears as though everyone has had at least one secret experience that made them feel a  little faggy,

Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst 3
06 Jan 2010

This Week @ Down to a Science: Animal Sex

Do your genitals explode? Do you have a penis growing on your head?  Does your copulation last 10 weeks? Are you 200,000 times smaller than your mate? Are your sex toys made of leaves and twigs?  Do you drug your lover with a no-cheating potion?  Knowing this audience, I suspect

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24 Oct 2009

SF: 5 Different Dudes, 5 Different Districts

A survey taken in San Francisco has shown a curious pattern of women being able to constantly predict their male partner’s personalities according to their districts, reports say. The write-in survey, given randomly at 10 different outposts within San Francisco county lines, has had an overwhelming response. Women ages 18-45

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