13 Aug 2010

Sam's Pizza and Burgers – Keeping it Old School in North Beach

This awesome photo comes from Mr. F on Yelp To be quite honest, North Beach can be a pretty shitty place sometimes.  On the weekends you get a lot of people who just wanna spend tons of money, look flashy, pick fights and in general, be assholes.  That’s their thing,

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06 Jul 2010

The Saloon

From the outside this spot has a total biker bar look to it, but once you get in you realize that it is more of a “55 year olds getting drunk and dancing to live blues music” sort of spot.  This fabled watering hole is one of the oldest in

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22 Jun 2010

The San Francisco Columbarium

Back before the turn of the 20th century most of the Richmond was taken up by cemeteries. A 1901 law made it illegal to bury the dead in city limits and in the 30’s all the graves were relocated to Colma, where they now remain.  The Columbarium, built in 1897,

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31 May 2010

Big Mouth Burgers

A friend of mine, who works as a cook at a nice restaurant on Pier 39, once told me that a hamburger at his job cost $16. My immediate reaction was, ‘œSIXTEEN DOLLARS! You better at least get a reach-around with your $16 hamburger!’ After I explained in Spanish what

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24 May 2010

The Hidden Secret of the Seward Street Slides

Someone built these crazy concrete slides in the most random place in the Castro. Basically you grab a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the slides, then go up to the top, and slide down. Not exactly rocket science, at least I don’t think so (I really don’t know

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06 Apr 2010

Jumpin Java

Jumpin Java is a great place to get work done. They’ve got free wi-fi, mellow background music and more electric outlets than a marijuana grow room. In fact, since my girlfriend lived near when I was writing my SF book (and I was homeless and staying with her), I wrote

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21 Feb 2010

The Magazine

Wow I’m really amazed people don’t talk about this one more, it’s definitely one of those places that deserves mention in as many conversations as possible. It literally has one of the biggest archives of porno mags I’ve ever seen, and what’s remarkable is the sheer variety. If you’re into

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