19 Feb 2010

Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge

I’m going to say this in the most plain and honest way I can: I’m pretty sure Candy, the bartender at Bow Bow, is Dionysus disguised as a human being.  It’s the only logical way to explain the way she handles the position of bartender.  It totally makes sense if

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08 Feb 2010

San Francisco Brewcraft

So you wanna be a beer brewer? At SF Brewcraft you get all the gear you need and the ingredients to brew 5 gallons of the beer of your choice, plus a free step-by-step brewing class all for $94. Sweet right? Plus you get to go in and hang out with

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01 Feb 2010

Whiz Burgers

Whiz Burgers is the type of joint that when you randomly see it one day while riding your bicycle, you say to yourself, ‘œHoly shit!  How have I never seen this place before?’  At least that’s what happened to me.  This spot is something out of a Beach Boys song

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10 Jan 2010

China Fun Express

In general I’m always a little bit skeptical of any restaurant with the word ‘œfun’ in its name. What’s so fun about a Chinese food buffet that sells food for $4.98 a pound? Sure it’s inexpensive, but fun? Come on, Chuck E. Cheese’s is fun. Chuck E. Cheese’s has a

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08 Jan 2010

The Hobby Company of San Francisco

Too cool to spend your leisure time playing video games, lurking on facebook, or doing drugs? Do you wanna impress that cute emo kid at the coffeeshop with your knitting abilities? Are you an out of touch shut in who is frightened by the world around you and wishes to

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01 Jan 2010

El Cachanilla

If I were to guess what El Cachanilla translates to in English it would be, ‘œnot fucking around’. I know that’s not the translation at all, but seriously, this place makes all the other taquerias in the Mission look like total pussies. Sure I’ve seen other taquerias that sell tacos

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28 Dec 2009

Atlas Café

There is a lot to like about this place. Excellent sandwiches (all under $7), a beautiful outdoor patio, live music Thursday thru Saturday nights, and all the lovely tattooed/pierced/bicycle riding hipsters you can stomach. An added bonus is that the café subscribes to a bunch of good magazines and has

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