25 Dec 2009

El Super Burrito

While some Mexican food restaurants have fancy and romantic names like El Farrolito or Taqueria Cancun, the people at El Super Burrito said, ‘œFuck that! Let’s have our name tell people exactly what we do; we make big motherfucking burritos. That’s what we do!’ It’d be like a clothing store

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27 Nov 2009

Club 65

The sole reason I went to Club 65 the other night was to find out whether or not a certain man existed.  Apparently more of a fixture at the bar than a patron, ‘œThe General’, as he’s called, is rumored to be an ancient one eyed creature, with great big

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13 Nov 2009

The Mauna Loa Club

So here’s the skinny.  This is one of those places that has the potential to be one of the great dives in the City, but then has one major shortcoming.  The Good:  The bartenders here are amazing at making drinks and being nice people.  The interior looks like someone was

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29 Oct 2009

Hua Zang Si Buddhist Temple

I like to wander.  It’s really one of my favorite things to do. You know, just kinda going for a walk and seeing what kind of cool shit I come across.  Well for awhile I always noticed this humongous red church on 22nd St and it reminded me of some

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23 Oct 2009

Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore

This is the mural from the side of the building This is certainly one of the coolest places in all of San Francisco.  Bound Together is an Anarchist Book Collective.  Now I know that for a lot of people the word Anarchist has negative and ominous connotations, but that is

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16 Oct 2009

Grandma's Saloon

Grandma’s clientele mostly consists of old people, poolsharks and pukers.  Patches from police, firemen and paramedics line the wall behind the bar while an old mid 80’s video game keeps a silent vigil over a dismal scene.  I hope I’m not drinking in places like Grandma’s in 30 years.  It’s

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29 Sep 2009

Isotope Comics

Isotope might be the only ‘œComic Book Lounge’ in the world and it’s definitely the only one in the City.  Seriously, who thought a comic book store could be so cool?  Unlike most other comic book stores which are generally cluttered and small, Isotope is a big open space, with

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